**Update 6th Jan 2021**

UK, Wales and Scotland are currently in national lockdown until February. Please check here for more info


**Update 3rd Dec**

UK is currently in Tiered lockdown until December 16th. Please check what tier you area falls under here


**Update 3rd Nov 2020**

UK is currently in Lockdown until December 3rd 


**Update 21st Oct 2020**

UKAP has been working hard to develop COVID-19 safety recommendations. This is to the help the industry through COVID-19 and knowing the regulations.

Here is the latest version of the recommendations: Recommendations for getting back to filming after COVID-19 lockdown 0.3

Here is a template for a COVID-19 risk assessment: COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Here is a template for a legal waiver regarding COVID-19: COVID-19 legal waiver


Recommendations version 0.3 amendments 21st October 2020

We updated the current government guidelines to include UK’s 3 tier COVID19 alert levels. 

Section 9: Information added on NHS COVID19 app

Section 10: Information added on track and trace and QR codes

Section 12: Gathering and parties updated – For more info see here


Recommedations version 0.2 amendments 15th June 2020

Section 7: Guidance added for travelling restrictions and quarantine considerations