Help and Support

If you have had something that you feel needs to be addressed by UKAP, or may have witnessed something you believe needs our attention, including performers in crisis, please complete the contact us form. If this is an emergency or something that requires police attention immediately, contact 999.

If you do not wish to contact the police directly, UKAP will be able to refer you to organisations who will be able to assist you with the matter further.

Health and Safety

Performers can often experience issues or problems as they navigate their way through the industry. Issues can vary from onset abuse, correct paperwork (model releases), 2257 concerns, testing requirements/issues, and much more. UKAP can help advise on these matters. If we are unable to advise we will direct you to those who will be able to assist.

Legal Services

Sex work laws in the UK are full of contradictions. Due to it’s legal status being in a somewhat grey area, you might find yourself requiring assistance. When looking for that help, you’re going to want someone who you know is on your side.

Sex work itself is legal. However there are a multitude of legal issues that surround it, which were often designed to help what are perceived as vulnerable people. Unfortunately many of these legal creations really only make many people’s lives far more dangerous.

Accounting services

It's important when earning from self-employed Adult Industry work, that you have a professional to help you with all your accountancy needs.

Most people use accountants to manage all their financial and tax affairs, but as with all professional services, it's important that the person you employ to undertake such work for you is industry aware and completely non-judgemental. There are adult-friendly accountants who are there to listen and to help you keep on top of your finances andUKAP can put you in touch with them.

Discounted Services

Members will receive discounts across a broad range of services including, photographers, videographers, accountants, lawyers, editing services and studio hire. Save money and cut your outgoings just by being a UKAP member!

Discounted Products

Members will be able to access fantastic discounts across a huge range of products including sex-toys, clothing and footwear. We are currently working to find salons and spas to come onboard UKAP's membership benefit program.